iDMG 2.70

Create disk images in a snap


  • No installation needed
  • 128 encryption


  • Can't resize/partition
  • Can't set size or format


Creating a disk image is a good way of archiving files, distributing your software or saving sensible information. iDMG is a small application that allows you to create disk images in a snap.

The application, with its dark transparent interface, is very Leopard friendly. It is very simple to use and needs no installation. Just drag and drop folders and files you want to archive on the main window, then open up the preferences (via the "i" button) to adjust your DMG.

The application can be internet enabled, so that it mounts as soon as downloaded from the Internet, you can create an ISO copy, and have it protected thanks to 128 bit encryption.

On the whole though, iDMG only offers the bare essentials when it comes to creating a disk image. You will not be able to resize or partition your file, nor will you be able to set the size of the disk image or the format, like compressed, read-only or read/write.

You should find iDMG useful if you are looking to create a disk image in seconds. If you want to dwell a little more in settings, like format or size, stick with Apple's Disk Utility.

iDMG is an easy to use application to create . dmg files of a folder with a simple drag and drop. Also supports encryption and internet enable.

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